Sunday, April 09, 2006

You know you're a knitter when....

....your apartment starts flooding and the first thing you throw on the bed, after your tote bag and laptop, is your yarn stash.

Yes, that's right, my apartment got flooded on Friday night! Something on the toilet in the apartment upstairs flew off, and water started gushing everywhere, and ended up flooding our entire apartment with at least an inch of gross brownish water. I'm happy to report that nothing too valuable was harmed, some shoes, books and papers, in addition to all the area rugs, and that all the yarn was saved. Our ceiling is quite a piece of work right now though, and I'm not sure how the living situation is going to turn out, but at least the important things are safe and sound. =)

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Karen said...

That's crazy!! I sure hope that the building people cleaned it up right away. And hooray for not having your stash harmed!

Did they tell you how long it was going to take to fix the problem? It's hard to live comfortably when there's construction people coming in and out, and/or a big hole in the celing.