Friday, August 22, 2008

Thanks, Ravelry

What, you may ask, is in this compact package for me?

Thanks to the Ravelympics, I 'met' the fantastic Roxanne, proprietress of Zen Yarn Garden. We are both working hard for the Ravelry Team Canada. She was showing off some lovely blue sock yarn that she dyed for one of her events, and I couldn't help but commenting on it, what with blue being my favourite-est colour in the world. And so, she mentioned that she'd be happy to do a custom order for me if I wanted some of it. After cruising her website, I fell in love with the Curvy sweater, and told her that I loved the sweater, but not the pink. And so, she offered to make me a custom kit out of the lovely blue yarn, dubbed Azure.

And so...
MY KIT ARRIVED TODAY!! Can you believe it? Barely 3 days since we messaged back and forth about it! Thanks so much, Roxanne!!

And in other knitting news, I am desperately trying to finish my leaf-pattern scarf before the closing ceremonies finish. I'm not sure if I'm going to make it, but boy have I made loads of progress on this project that I definitely wouldn't have otherwise.

Yet again, Ravelry proves to be quite the enabler of my addiction...

[NOTE: To answer Marie's question to my previous post, BSJ stands for Baby Surprise Jacket. It is so dubbed because, as you knit it, it resembles nothing like a sweater, but at the end you do a little creative folding, and presto! You have a jacket! Surprise!!]


Marie said...

Ooh, I love the color of blue! It's going to look gorgeous as a sweater.

And thanks for the explanation of what BSJ stood for. I really need to buy the Workshop book of EZ's. Everybody raves about it.

eylchak said...

Oooo...What did I do, convincing you to join Ravelry? Did I mention already all the hours of fun you'd get out of it and the number of hours it would suck out of your life? :) Glad you're enjoying it too!