Monday, December 08, 2008

Thanks, everyone!

First off, I wanted to thank everyone for their very helpful input. After reading all the comments, and thinking about it a bit more, I've decided to continue with the sweater. As for my own thoughts, I have to say that I really love the way the cables look. But like Adrienne said, the check pattern on the sides (a simple k2, p2 alternating), seems a bit visually distracting. However, I find that I really like the way that part feels when you touch it, so maybe Baby will like how it feels too. And yes, I agree that the sweater is not quite gender neutral. I'm not knitting it for any baby in particular, so I'll just hang on to it until someone I know has a baby girl. know what this means? I'm going to procrastinate on that second toe sock even more!


isabella t. said...

Hi, I'm a new poster to your blog, but I just wanted to add that you shouldn't worry about the checkerboard being distracting. It looks to me that once the entire project is finished, it will really fit in nicely. Good work!

Karen said...

Hi Isabella!
Hooray for being a new poster! Thanks so much for reading our blog :D We're looking forward to seeing more from you here!

Nell said...

YAY! I loved it. And I think it's totally gender neutral. But I'm pretty liberal on those kinds of things.