Friday, May 22, 2009

I can see why these things are addictive

Say hello to my new buddy. He has no name was of yet, but I'm still thinking of one. I suppose one could argue that this little octopus could be female, but I get the distinct feeling that it's male.

Here he is gazing wistfully out the little window by my front door.

I embroidered his eyes on, but decided that next time I'm going to use safety eyes instead. It was a pain to do the embroidery.


Adrienne said...

Aww, how super-cute! I think he's definitely a boy as well (of course, all my electronics and most of my stuffed animals are male; male is the default unless the object is obviously female =P). Does he have an intended home, or is he going to stay with you?

Alice said...

Darling! With my toy addiction I've got to learn how to crochet!

Karen said...

Adrienne - He has no intended home right now, so I guess he's staying with me. My new neighbours have got kids who might like him, and any other little animals I might churn out, but I don't feel like I know them well enough yet to be giving them gifts. Still struggling with a name though; I looked up the scientific classification for octopus to try and come up with something nice and nerdy, but no luck yet.

Alice - I barely know any crochet; just enough to get the toy made. A lot of the toys make great learning projects because you don't really need to be all that precise. Can't wait to see what you wind up making!!