Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Houston, we have a problem...

Actually, Houston doesn't have a problem. I do. A serious one.


Yes, it is exactly what you think it is. Yet another bag. It arrived in the mail from Mamabargains yesterday. The first time they went up on sale, I felt the tug. I couldn't believe how cute the bags were (there's a whole animal series). I wanted more than one, that's how cute I found them. And then I told myself, "No, you've got lots of perfectly good bags, among them is a perfectly great diaper bag." And so, I resisted and didn't buy one. Then, the bags sold out and the site moved on to the next deal, and I felt this huge pang of regret that I didn't buy one on the cheap when I had the chance. Despite how much I rationalized the fact that I really didn't need another bag, I couldn't help that gut feeling.

So, when the site featured them again, I couldn't help myself and ordered one. I had a really hard time deciding which one I wanted - I loved the elegance of the Peacock, the bold print of the Toucan, the clever use of frog closures on the Panda. In the end, I picked the Penguin. Cute won out in the end.

Like I said, I have a problem.

Also, you may have noticed a slight change in the look of the blog. What do you think? I've been playing around with the new templates that Blogger has available. I thought this one looked similar to our old style, just a little more refined. I've been surfing around looking at other free templates, but don't really want to change things here too radically yet. Don't worry, Adrienne; if you don't like this change, I have our old template saved and can reinstall it at any time. Just let me know :)

Coming soon: an actual crafty update. Really. I promise.


Adrienne said...

Sweet bag! I always suspected that you had a bit of a bag problem. ;P

I like the new updated look! If you are tired of the pink I would be ok with ditching that part too. :)

Esoteric Knitter said...

super cute!!