Saturday, April 09, 2005

After a long period of abstinence....

....I indulged in some stash enhancement! But more on that in a bit.

I finally finished the Caryl's Kerchief for my godmother, made from yummy 4-ply Chinese cashmere from Jade Sapphire. Mmm, cashmere! It was $27 for 175 yards, so totally affordable for a little neck scarf like this. I hope she likes it!

Caryl's Kerchief_02

And here is a closeup of the beaded edge:

Caryl closeup_03

Now onto the stash enhancement! Woolcott was having an overstock sale today, everything on display in the store was 35% off, no exceptions. They moved most of the "good" stuff out of the way though, of course. =P There was a ton of funky novelty yarn and scary eyelash stuff everywhere, but still some nice yarn to be had. I found some Diakeito Diadrey that I've been coveting for months, it is a Japanese yarn, a wool/mohair/nylon blend that changes both colour and texture (smooth alternating with boucle). I think it'd make a really fun multidirectional scarf. Also some rainbow-coloured regia sock yarn, and a skein of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool to make this scarf from the latest Knitty. Which I think will be my next project. After I finish doing my taxes. Can you tell that I love knitting lacy things? =)

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Karen said...

oooo....that is really nice. Beaded knitting is something that I have yet to wrap my brain around. I'm sure that your godmother will love the scarf. Mmm....cashmere...

Hooray for stash enhancement! I want to make some of the tank tops from the latest Knitty, especially that cross back tank. I still haven't started on the socks yet, but I think I'm going to have to wait until I finish that shawl. I counted the days until Mother's Day and realized that I pretty much need to devote all my knitting time to it!