Friday, October 21, 2005

Everything’s either a Secret or Boring To Look At (or, why I’m too lazy to pull out the digital camera)

I feel like a bad blogger. I’ve got nothing. Oh, lots of knitting has been going on, but I can’t take pictures of any of it. I have things that I’m thinking about knitting, but I can’t post about any of it. I wish I knew exactly who actually reads the blog, versus who knows about it but never bothers to check it out. If I know you in person and you read the blog, leave a comment, would ya? And sign your name if you don’t have a Blogger account so you don’t end up as anonymous. Of course, now I’m going to be sad because it’ll turn out that nobody cares about me (er, I mean, the blog). And also relieved, because then I can ramble freely (I pee freely too, remember that stupid joke? I never understood just what made it so funny, like, tee hee, you said “pee”? Don’t get it).

Anyway, I’ve got 1.5 Christmas prezzies done, and I have at least 2.5 left to go. Possibly to be amended to 3.5, but we’ll see. There’s only 9 weeks left until Christmas, I’d better get cracking (especially on the socks, socks take an age and a half). Edda also now has a back piece and one front panel, but she’s all navy blue and my camera blows so all photos would show is a couple of dark sweater-piece-shaped blobs. I swear, I don’t know how anybody ever learned to knit a sweater without having a class. There have already been near decreasing and bind-off disasters, complete with an emergency visit to the yarn store.

Want to see what I’m fantasizing about? This Tramonto shawl. Oooh, the Koigu. I’m trolling the Internet and LYS-es for colours. Silly of me to be thinking about more lace shawls when I’ve got Lotus Blossom waiting in the wings, isn’t it? Ah well. Any excuse to ogle Koigu.


Andrew said...

Awww, don't worry drenny-dren, lots o' people read your yarny blog! Just look at all the free advertisements you get! Did you finish my Christmas prezzie yet??

Karen said...

GAH! SPAM!!! *proceeds to delete and ponders how to stop that from happening*

Anyway....Wow...what a shawl. *happy sigh* Very pretty. 14 skeins of Koigu?!! I don't think I've ever bought that much yarn in one go! Ha ha!!

Hmm...I think I've only finished one shawl so far and I gave it to my mom. I don't know yet if I'm a shawl-wearing kinda person yet. And with the weather getting colder and colder, I don't know if I'm going to get a chance to find out. Do you ever wear your shawls out?

Adrienne said...

Yay, I love spam! I can't talk about Christmas prezzies Andrew, they're all big secrets....shh....

I'm actually not a shawl-wearing girl at all. I just like making them, and then they sit around and get admired every so often. But a huge-ass shawl like Tramonto could almost serve as a lap throw or something. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.