Saturday, December 16, 2006

Be still my knitterly heart....

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Behold the latest and most lovely addition to my knitty equipment, courtesy of Jason, possibly the most intelligent and discerning man on the planet. He noticed the looks of envy I was directing towards Lorelai's swift on Gilmore Girls one evening (Knit-a-thon in Star's Hollow!), asked a couple of careful fact-gathering questions about swift use, poked around on the internet, and voila, a very much appreciated birthday present! This is a photo of the inaugural winding, and boy is it ever glorious. No more fiddling with chairs and swinging my arms around to desperately prevent tangling!

Oh, and the yarn? Koigu, one of my very favourites, purchased from Lettuce Knit over the summer. Look at all the beautiful greens! I'm thinking a lacy scarf.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Now it will be even EASIER for you to make some knitted surprises for those cherish and lovable colleagues!!

"sometimes he's nutty, sometimes he's corny...."

Karen said...

WHEE!!! That's awesome!!! Hooray for a beautiful yarn swift! And I remember that koigu too. It looks so different when all wound up.

I'm all excited for you! A swift! Heee!!!!

Adrienne said...

Hi Andrew!
(he can be brown or greenish-brown....")

I've been so busy getting ready to go back to Toronto that I haven't had time to wind more than that one ball. I sort of hate myself for that. But I have SO MUCH sock yarn to knit through (and buy), and those pretty much ALL come in skeins!