Monday, January 07, 2008

Playing with Photoshop

So, I played a little with Photoshop to see what would happen to my photos. What do you think?



Like so many things, I have mixed feelings about my tampering, but I think it's still better than using my flash. The stitch definition shows up way better. Now for the real debate. To Photoshop or not to Photoshop. What do you think?


Adrienne said...

I agree, the stitch definition is much better sans flash.

It seems like the version with Photoshop is slightly better in terms of being able to see the stitches, since it's not as dark as the original. But then again once you lighten the picture sometimes things start to look washed out. It's hard to say, there are good things either way. in my experience sometimes tampering is better, and sometimes it's better just to leave things alone.

Yeah, non-committal enough for you? =P

Karen said...

Haha! Yeah, it was perfectly non-committal for me. And I think I'm probably just going to have to assess things on a per project, per photo basis. For the Koolhaas, the important part is the stitchwork. For another project, it might be the colourwork.