Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Finished my Monkeys

I didn't take a picture of the second sock since it looks pretty much exactly like the first one, but after much procrastinating, I finally managed to finish my pair of Monkeys.

Also, I think I've decided on what my travel knitting will be. Socks, socklets, dishcloths, and another Tulip. What do you all think?


Adrienne said...

Yay for Monkeys!

Your plan sounds good, socks and dishcloths -- will Tulip be too fiddly to take on the train, what with all them little balls? I only knit on mine at home, I was too afraid to bring it out in public. =)

Karen said...

Hmm...that's a good point about the Tulip. I have all the little balls in a nice little kit that Lettuce Knit put together for me, so I was thinking that I'd just keep all the balls in there when I'm on the train. I'll see though. I was toying with a Clapotis, but that one is just too much yarn and knits up huge.

Rebecca said...

Hey Karen!

Congrats on the Monkeys. My second sock is sitting in my bag still. Socks and dishcloths do sound good. I like to do light shawl or scarves too. something that has a simple pattern but I only need two balls of laceweight for. Something like that. What about a shrug? Like that cute little wrap from this season's Knitty or the One Skein Wonder from Glampyre?