Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Knitting slump

I've been in a little bit of a knitting slump these past few days. You're probably thinking that a couple days doesn't really qualify as a slump, but I don't really know what to call it. Up until this weekend, I had been working away happily at my Talia vest. And then disaster struck. Hanatarou, my naughty white and black cat, decided to pee on the bag holding my precious knitting (I think he was mad that I gave him a bath). Luckily, all was not lost! Thanks to the plastic bag holding my yarn, and the plastic sheet covers that I put my pattern in, most of the knitting survived unscathed. Only a little bit of the bottom edge of the vest was soiled. I have a feeling that the bag is a total write off though -- I've washed it a few times, and soaked it in special enzyme solution, but I'm not sure if it's salvageable. It was only this cheap black bag that I got at Old Navy, but still.

I put my knitting onto a holder and washed the bottom edge, and I think that did the trick. Problem is, I just don't want to work on it anymore. It's as if just looking at it makes me angry right now. I was contemplating starting a new project to help me get over things, but I feel guilty at the same time. I mean, I've got a perfectly good project waiting to be finished, so why start something else? Plus I'm wrestling with just what to make. I could start my Curvy sweater, or start a baby sweater for a friend due in February (though this one is a tough call too because Jamie doesn't think the yarn I have slated for it is quite gender neutral). Or maybe some toys? I just don't know. Should I just bite the bullet, and truck on with Talia?

What do you do to get yourselves out of knitting slumps?


Adrienne said...

Boo for knitting slumps! And bad, bad Hanatarou (if Sophie did that to my knitting, I'd have a hard time not throwing her out the window)!

If it were me, I'd just stop knitting until I felt the urge again (sort of like blogging, haha), I wouldn't try to force it. There's no point in working on something that makes you angry/bored, it's like those angry/bored vibes will get incorporated into the finished product. Or maybe start a new project that you're more excited about? Nothing wrong with having multiple WIPs. =)

(or you could buy more yarn. Which is what I do, or rather what I do ALL THE TIME regardless of how much I'm knitting. But that would be an evil thing to encourage you to do. =P)

Karen said...

Ooo...buying more yarn sounds tempting. Last night I actually continued working on that crochet baby blanket that I started ages ago, and that was refreshing. I'm probably going to wind some yarn, and start a new project tonight. Maybe something colourful to help wash away September blahs. By the time that's done, I'll probably feel ready to tackle Talia again.

Thanks for the support!!

Esoteric Knitter said...

:( slumps suck. All I can say is time. I get into slumps ever so often. Maybe a new project may help.

Marie said...

I get into a slump now and again. I just turn to one of my other hobbies: spinning, quilting, baking, etc until I want to knit again. I find that seeing someone else knit normally snaps me out of my phase.
So, go watch a YouTube.