Friday, October 03, 2008

Thanks, everyone!

Well, it didn't take me long to get back on the knitting band-wagon. I'm out of my slump! I actually wound up doing pretty much everything that all you lovely people suggested to me. I indulged in other hobbies (a little crochet, some cooking, and reading), decided to start a new project, hung out for a little bit with other knitters, and purchased some more yarn. So, thank you, all you wonderful people you.

Here's the project I decided to start -- the Curvy sweater in Zen Yarn Garden's Gemilicious.
I absolutely love the colour. Just looking at it makes me happy. (Oh my gosh! I actually knit something of a gauge swatch!)

And then, a friend of mine from work found out that her best friend is now pregnant, and you all know what that means! Just like that, we were searching for baby blanket patterns for her to try (she's a bit of a novice knitter, but with great potential), and then it was off to Lettuce Knit to look for supplies. Once there, it was impossible for me not to get something. Or a few somethings.
Some Jojoland Rhythm for another EZ BSJ for my pregnant friend who's decided not to find out the baby's gender in advance.
And some happy, orange Koigu for me. I want some fun and flashy socks. The colour in the photo is quite bad since taking photos in the middle of the night proves
, again, to be my nemesis. Let me assure you, this yarn is quite a brilliant shade of orange.

Since I'm on the topic of socks, I forgot to mention that back on Sept 24, Laura Chau had a book launch party at Lettuce Knit for her first book. I really wanted to go, but had a rehearsal to go to. That didn't stop me from popping into the store and picking up a copy to support a super awesome knitter.
I lucked out, and Laura was even there to autograph it for me! Exciting! Please forgive the horrible, out of focus photo.


Adrienne said...

Yay! For getting out of the knitting slump, for starting a beautiful new sweater, and for yarn shopping! I love that Koigu. =)

Marie said...

I love the yarn you got. The blue is stunning. The orange looks like it would be such fun to wear.

I'm glad you came out of the knitting slump. Have fun!