Thursday, April 30, 2009

February Lady Sweater

Oh, hello. I guess I haven't posted here in a little while (hangs head in shame). There are a couple of reasons (excuses), the first being that I haven't really been knitting much in the past few months, and the second is that my computer was dying a slow death such that tasks like uploading photos was too much for him and made him heat up and have his fan go into overdrive.

Alas, dear Melvin is now no more, and I've been slowly setting up a new machine (Melvin II), so I thought I'd finally post photos of a sweater that I've had finished since January.

This is the February Lady Sweater (Ravelry link) that everyone and their mother has been knitting, it's really an easy knit and makes a garment that looks flattering on just about everyone.

February Lady Sweater_01

The buttons came from Bettiegee's vast button collection, I think it looks really good with the garter stitch (please excuse my unhealthy-looking hair in the corner there).

February Lady Sweater_04

The yarn is Beaverslide worsted, which people have raved about with good reason. It's a wonderful yarn to knit with, and I am tempted to buy several more sweaters' worth to stash away. Not that I need more stash (really, I don't). But we need to support businesses we love in these hard economic times, right? =)

I've worn this sweater several times now, which makes it the 3rd sweater I've knit that I actually wear out in public. I think I'm slowly getting better at this whole "making garments" thing.

I also knit a good chunk (the lace parts) of a second Lady Sweater for Bettiegee of the buttons, using Lorna's Laces Green or worsted, I can't remember. However I neglected to take any photos, so just imagine a second, pink version of the same sweater. =) The Lorna's yarn was really nice to work with, maybe I'll be able to snag some for myself at this year's Lorna's Laces tour and sale.


Karen said...

What a pretty sweater!! I really like it! The colour of the yarn is just great. You've been doing really well in the garment making department! I don't think I've made myself anything since that Curvy sweater.

Sorry to hear that Melvin bit the dust. RIP Melvin. But, welcome Melvin II! May you serve Adrienne well :D

Sherry said...

The sweater is lovely and the buttons are perfect. So nice to see your post. I've not been reading blogs very much, but today I decided to check out bloglines & there you were.

Glad you got a Melvin II. It's never easy saying goodbye to the 1st.