Monday, February 01, 2010

Dark, brown, and handsome

A while back, I knitted up a little something for Anand and Andrea's baby boy, Ethan. To tell you the truth, I was taking my time on it until I heard from my friend Will that they would be moving to New York in January. Well, I knitted like the wind, and finished it before the end of December. Wrote to Andrea to find out when I could stop by their place to drop it off, only to find that they had moved to Waterloo to stay with Andrea's parents earlier in December. Whoops! Well, that at least gave me the time to take some pictures for the blog, and now I'm going to mail it off to them in New York.

Meet yet another Baby Bobbi Bear, done in a dark brown instead of the usual light. I used Blue Sky Alpaca cotton for the bear, and some gray superwash worsted for the features. I feel that after the experience I've gained making other toys, the face on this one wound up better than the first Baby Bobbi Bear I ever made.

Coming soon: updates on more baby knitting. Just not necessarily for my own baby.

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Alice said...

Oh he is so cute! I've got a new niece and this is on my to-knit list. Yours has the cutest little face!!