Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympic Spirit!

Hi everyone! Jamie and I are in Vancouver, enjoying ourselves at the Olympics. Today, we're taking a little break from traipsing around the city to chill out and relax at my cousin's place in Surrey. They've been kind enough to let us stay with them for the entire time that we're here for the games, and honestly we couldn't have made this trip without them. Thank you, Joe and Patty!

So, since I'm chilling out and doing a little bit of knitting, I thought I'd update a little bit and tell you guys how this trip has been going so far. I'll update about my knitting in another post.

DAY 1 - Monday Feb 22, 2010
The vibe in downtown Vancouver is awesome - I really don't know how to describe it. So many happy people from all over the world, lots to see, and lots of great energy. The city itself has decked itself out with so much Canadiana, it's hard not to share in the national pride.
We first hit Robson Square to pick up some event tickets, and just looked around at all the stuff they had there. Everything is so lively with all the stages, music, pavillions, and I love it!

Watching some newscasts from home, we heard about what is apparently an institution here in Vancouver: the Japadog. What is a Japadog? It's a hot dog with a Japanese twist. Our cousins told us that they're really famous around Vancouver, so Jamie and I decided we needed to try one. They've got two stands, and our cousins tipped us off that one of them was less busy than the other, so that's where we went.
Even still, we waited in line for a half an hour; we were told that the line really wasn't bad at all.
Can you spot me, the pregnant lady in a red coat?

Here's the dog that Jamie got; I got the same one, just with some extra seaweed on top.
It's their okonomi dog - kurobuta (apparently this is a very high quality type of Japanese pork) dog, cabbage, okonomi sauce, mayo, and bonito flakes (fish flakes). Very, very yummy. In fact, these hot dogs are so unique that some news people decided to come and check things out.
This is the lady who interviewed me and Jamie after we sat down to eat our hot dogs. They even asked to film close-ups of us eating. How embarrassing! No idea if any news agencies decided to use that clip at all, but it was a pretty hilarious experience.

After our hot dog, it was off to the Olympic Cauldron!
The organizers still have a fence around the cauldron, but they've cut a swath out of it and put plexiglass in so that people can take photos.

After that, we just walked around downtown to do a little shopping, and just soak everything in. We spotted this car during our walk.
They were getting people to sign their car, which I thought was pretty amusing. But yikes; to drive from Halifax to Vancouver? Oh man. For anyone who doesn't know, that means these guys drove from one end of the country to the other; East Coast to West Coast. I wonder if their car is on its last legs, and if it'll make it from Vancouver back to Halifax.

And those were more or less our highlights from Day 1. We passed Lloyd Robertson on the street, which was kinda cool (he's a news anchor for one of Canada's news stations). We stuck around the CTV news tent on the street to see if we could get on the evening news as part of the cheering crowd. I think my jacket made it in a shot that the cameramen took of a baby that was next to me.

Coming soon: Day 2 - Our first live Olympic event!! And knitting. Yes, I haven't forgotten that this is supposed to be knit-blog.

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