Thursday, May 19, 2005

Finally, some photos

Okay...I finally have photos to show!

Here's the shawl.
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I had a tough time blocking it actually, because it was so darn big. The kitty in the picture gives you an idea of the scale ^_^ Here's an up close shot of the lace pattern
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(stupid me...I should've taken the towel away for the zoomed out shot...I only needed it for the zoomed in shot, after all...*sigh*)

I also decided what to make for my friend Minako. I'm gonna make one of the drawstring pouches from 'Last Minute Gifts'. I got some light pink Blue Sky Alpaca Silk for it.
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And I'm also going to make her the 'Branching Out' scarf out of this yarn
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It's from Fleece Artist, and it's 100% silk. I'm hoping that it'll be a nice scarf that she can use during more than one season. I was debating getting kidsilk for it, but in the end I wanted something a little heavier.


Elaine said...

Nice shawl. I really like the lace pattern.

Hehehe. That Blue Sky Alpaca Silk is good stuff, isn't it? Couldn't resist just watching me use it, could you? =P The fleece artist silk looks good too. I may want to invest in some skeins someday...

Adrienne said...

Fab shawl! That's really pretty. I'm sure your mom will love it. =)

That Fleece Artist silk looks super-duper yummy and drool-worthy. I love the silky sheen. I wish I could reach out and pet it! Maybe I'll have to get some the next time I come back to

Karen said...

Oh my yes, the Alpaca Silk is nice. I'm enjoying it quite a lot. It was too nice to pass up! The Fleece Artist silk is actually quite affordable for what it is. I think there's about 200yds of it, and I paid about $30 for it. I figured for silk that isn't all that bad. It feels really nice, and I'm looking forward to playing with it.

Karen said...

You should totally get some when you come back to Toronto! It's a little slippery when you work with it, but otherwise very nice. VERY pet-able.