Friday, July 29, 2005

Knitting halted

And just why has my knitting come to a complete and utter halt?

Meet Hanatarou...our new kitten.
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Heh this really knitting related? Well, I guess so since it's why I'm not knitting right now! ^_^ He really is quite adorable, and he and Dany are getting along reasonably well. But he is SO energetic that he is quite the handful. I think I need to wait until he's sleeping before I pull the knitting out. But he doesn't really sleep long enough to allow me to get much done, so I get lazy and usually don't bother.

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Adrienne said...

OMG, how sweet! He's adorable, and I'm jealous, I want a kitty! Yes, I can see how he would definitely be a distraction from the knitting. I can't wait to meet him! =)