Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Wow, I've been a delinquent blogger, haven't I? Sorry for the absence. To make it up to you, here are some photos of all the Christmas prezzies I knit this year:

A cabled scarf for my dad using Karabella Aurora 8 in a manly gray colour (shade 26 I think, my camera makes it look sorta brown here). Pattern courtesy of Yarn-A-Go-Go.
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A mistake rib scarf for my mom using Manos del Uruguay colour 106 (I had to search many a LYS to find it).
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A cabled scarf for my sister using Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk (which I bought ages ago). Pattern is Vintage Velvet from Scarf Style. I think this one was my favourite. Maybe I'll have to make another one for myself sometime!
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A farrow rib scarf for Jason using Morehouse Merino 3-strand, colour Brown Heather.
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And lastly, toe-up socks for my godmother using Fleece Artist Merino. I didn't want to give these away.
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As for knitting resolutions this year, who knows? Maybe I should resolve to actually finish a sweater sometime soon (the sweater class puts some pressure on me, but I still hate finishing). Or maybe I should resolve to knit through some of my sock yarn before buying more. Or maybe we should actually enforce a yarn budget this year. We are still thinking about it. =)

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Karen said...

WAH! You've seriously been on a scarf kick, huh? Those are all so pretty!

Hmm...knitting resolutions? Yikes...I dunno. Maybe I'll tell myself that I need to set aside 1 to 2 hours every day to do some knitting. And maybe then I could get through more projects than I do. Oh, and as usual I resolve to work through more of my stash (ha ha!)