Wednesday, January 25, 2006

When love ain't enough to keep you warm

Sometime over the Christmas holidays, I completely lost my knitting mojo. It might have been burnout from all the present knitting, or the endless sweater class cardigan being knit in hard-to-see navy blue (which I'm in the middle of seaming, I swear), but knitting just wasn't fun anymore. The wisdom teeth saga might have had something to do with it too (did I tell you that one of the wounds got infected after I returned to Boston? And that I had to have it drained? Fun times). Anyway, Adrienne = not a happy knitter. So to counter the knitting blues, of course I went shopping (before I made the resolutions, I promise!):

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Yummy Handmaiden Cashmere from Colorsong Yarn. A Devin's Toque kit in the Mineral colourway so I could knit a hat for Jason, because he is utterly lacking in winter accessories. If that's not a knitter's siren song, I don't know what is. And plus, cashmere! So, a few days of knitting later:

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A delectably pettable hat. At first I was having serious pooling issues, but then I think my tension changed somewhat and I ended up with this fun swirly pattern. The yarn is super-soft and slippery, and breaks really really easily. I had to be pretty careful with the knitting, even on bamboo needles. But I think it turned out pretty well, it keeps the head warm and wards off wind-induced headaches, so mission accomplished. And we are knitting again, I'll have to list all the UFOs that I'm working on sometime. =)


Karen said...

Ooooh....very nice hat! I sure hope Jason likes it!

Knitting aside, your wound got infected??!! Eeek....How did that happen? Are you okay now?

Adrienne said...

Oh yes, I made sure to get approval at every single stage of the process. And I also made sure that the hat would be worn before even *looking* for the yarn. =)

Yes, the wound got infected, I'm not sure how, I'm guessing maybe some food got stuck in there? I'm fine now, everything seems to be back to normal (knocks on wood)