Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And we have a teddy bear!

Flush with inspiration from seeing all the stuff Adrienne's been posting up, I decided to finish Bobbi Bear up while baking an apple pie today.

There it is, with no face yet. I actually had some trouble getting the ears on.

And there he is. I don't know why I just decided that it's a he either. I've realized with this project that I suck at laying details over top knitting. Maybe next time I do this, I'll build the colour change into the knitting.


Adrienne said...

Hi Bobbi! You are so super-adorable! Who is the lucky baby?

I remember having some trouble with the ears too....I actually knit 3 or 4 ears before settling on a pair that I liked, and I do recall that the sewing part was a bit fiddly. Same with the faces, it's a good thing that I had 2 bears to practice on! =)

Apple pie, yummy! I want some now! Did you go apple picking recently?

Karen said...

Some friends from university are expecting, so it's for their little one. I'm a bit early since she's not due until February, so Bobbi will just have to go into storage for a while. No clue as to the gender of the baby, so I guess it's good that I'm giving her a rather gender neutral gift.

I promised another friend of mine one as well, so I'm scoping out yarn for that too. She wanted a darker coloured bear, so I might just order the yarn from the internet instead of waiting for my LYS to get it in. But the danger of getting it via internet is that I'll be tempted to get all sorts of other yummy yarn.

We didn't go apple picking, but the apples were just so cheap at the store that I couldn't resist buying one of those huge bags. And since no one really just wants to have one kind of apple at home, I ended up with 2 bags (haha!).