Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Earlier this summer, I knit a Shedir cap for a friend's mom who was undergoing chemotherapy. The first time around I knit the chart completely wrong (i.e. backwards, I don't know what was wrong with me) and it looked like utter crap. But after some ripping and reknitting, the pattern started coming together, and even though it looked super-complicated it was actually really easy to get into a groove. I love knitting cables, the Rowan Calmer was a dream to work with, and after it was done the hat looked so lovely that I really wanted to keep it for myself! Of course I couldn't have done that, so naturally the solution was to knit another one for myself:


Does the yarn look familiar? It's this yarn reclaimed from the swatches I knit 3 years (!!) ago. Since that time I had bought some more Calmer in the same colour (totally unimaginative I know, but they didn't really carry any other flattering colours at the time, mostly pastels, and I CANNOT wear pastels) for another pattern (Nothin' But A T Shirt from Magknits), so this hat was knit out of two half-skeins. Probably different lot numbers, but I can't tell the difference yet. =)

Here is a looking-in-the-mirror shot! Ignore my bathroom crap in the background please. =)

Shedir worn_02

I knit one fewer repeat of the main cable pattern (4 instead of 5) to make it a bit shorter, and I like it (maybe it could use a few more rows of ribbing, though)! This will make a fantastic fall hat. I may need to make yet another one....


Karen said...

What an awesome hat! The colour looks really good on you too. And I totally remember those swatches! The butterfly stitch one; I never did get around to trying that stitch (haha).

I need to get off my butt and finish some of the projects I've got going so I can add some more pictures. Bobbi Bear is nearing completion (finishing his second ear today), so hopefully I can add him to the pile of FOs soon.

Adrienne said...

Thanks! I'm glad that I've finally knit up some of the Calmer that's been sitting around in the stash....although now I'm a bit worried that I won't have enough pink left to knit the tshirt -- that is, if I ever get around to it!