Sunday, February 08, 2009

Fledgling Fiddleheads

I've been working on my new Fiddlehead Mittens in the hopes of finishing them before the winter is over. It's been going faster than I thought. However, I'm getting the feeling that I'm not really very good at picking colours. Here's why.

While I love the look of the dark purple against the grey-ish brown, I'm not so sure about that lavender. Granted, the photo makes it look lighter than it reality. Looking at it sitting next to my laptop, I am able to see the swirly motif quite nicely, so I guess it's not too bad.

I was considering frogging the lavender part and just stick with just the dark purple and grey-brown, but as I write this post and keep looking at the mitten itself, I think I'm going to keep plugging away at it. For the second mitten, I'm considering using magic loop; not totally sure yet though.


Adrienne said...

Hm. I sort of see what you mean, but I kind of like the lavender/oatmeal combination. The contrast of the lighter and darker purples works too, I think. If you decided to keep going I think they will end up looking good!

Nell said...

I see how you could want more contrast. But I do think the colors are lovely together.

Marie said...

The lavendar does look a bit muted, but it contrasts the dark purple so nicely. Brown is always a great backdrop. So, I agree; keep on knitting.

Karen said...

Thanks everyone for your input! Much appreciated.