Monday, February 02, 2009


Yay! I've finished something! After a long, long time, I finally finished my toe socks! And this marks the last set of socks I will make on size 0 needles. Adrienne, I'm sending those needles your way. You're okay with bamboo, right?

With the finishing of something, it heralds the desire to start something new. Even though I'm not really suppose to be enhancing my stash right now, I really wanted to start on some new mittens. My current mittens are getting kinda old, and the thrums inside are thinning out and getting matted down, and hence not very warm any more. And so...
Starting from the left are three skeins of Cascade 220, which are slated to become Fiddlehead Mittens. The two skeins of alpaca are going to be the lining for the Fiddleheads. The last two skeins are just some pretty, pretty Koigu that I just wanted - they'll probably become socks. I also got the latest issue of Knitscene.

Why did I feel that it was suddenly okay to buy more yarn? Jamie confessed to me that he bought two books even though we no longer have any bookshelves :)


Adrienne said...

Yay for toe socks! Are they comfy?

Yes, bamboo is just about the only thing I knit with, so I'll gladly take them off your hands! =)

Yay for Fiddleheads! Those are going to be super-duper warm with the alpaca lining. I love my Fiddleheads.

Is that Koigu colourway P103L there? It was very hard not to buy more Koigu at the Lettuce Knit Boxing week sale, they had so much available. I have some P103L that I started knitting over the Christmas holidays, and it looks like what you've got there only without the blue bits.

Nell said...

size 0 needles?!?!?! Go on with your bad self!

Karen said...

Adrienne: Yup, the socks are pretty comfy, and pretty warm too. I'll figure out if there's anything else fun that I can send you along with the needles. And yes, you are correct about the Koigu colourway. You have an amazing eye for colourways!

Nell: Haha! Yeah, size 0 needles are not for me though. I've knitted two pairs of socks on 0's and have now decided never to do that again! =D