Monday, February 21, 2005

Clappity Clap Clap

Happy President's Day! Apologies for the serious lack of posting, my knitting has slowed down somewhat as of late. Clapotis is coming along though, however slowly. Here is a pic of her corner, with some of the dropped stitches:

I am still rather enamoured of this yarn, can you see the subtle greens and browns in with the pink? The only problem I have with the yarn is that it's rather clingy, so dropping stitches becomes somewhat of an ordeal. And that was supposed to be the fun part! No matter, this stuff is wonderfully soft and the end result should keep even the chilliest of shoulders warm.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Yay!!! Clapotis looks amazing!! The drop stitches look really cool.
And don't worry about your knitting slowing down. Mine has been reduced to a crawl right now. I've been racing through deadlines at work, and then having to rehearse 2 different dance shows (one that I'm choreographing for, and the other that I'm actually dancing in), so between all that, almost no knitting has been getting done.