Monday, February 14, 2005

Should I frog it? here is that pic I promised of the scarf that I started.

You'll notice that I've gotten pretty much nowhere with it. And the reason is, I'm not really sure what to make of the pattern. The pseudo-rib doesn't show up very well with it. Think I should 'ribbit' and go for a 2x2 rib instead? Maybe 20 stitches wide? The sample shown in the pic has 17 stitches in it. Or maybe something with drop-stitches in it? Or maybe even try the multi-directional scarf pattern?

*sigh* back to square one with this scarf thing...

EDIT: Thanks for the Valentine and Lick-m-aid!!! I was so surprised when I got it in the mail!! *tacklehugz you*

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Adrienne said...

Tee hee, you're welcome! When I saw the FunDip in the store I couldn't resist and knew I had to send y'all some. =)

As to the seems like with all the fuzzy mohair that a fancy sort of pattern wouldn't show up very well....if you're not very happy with the pseudo-rib then I think maybe a 2x2 rib might work better. Remember my orange-and-red eyelash scarf from Sept.? That was ribbed but you totally couldn't tell from looking, but I liked the ribbing for the denser "fabric" that it created.

As to the width, if you decide to go with the ribbing don't forget that it totally collapses in on itself so add more stitches to compensate for the loss in width. =)