Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Start of Christmas knitting

I've decided that everyone in my family is going to get the same thing this year: knitted socks. I was originally thinking of giving my mom those blue ones that I've been knitting (and I really should take a picture of those soon. I'm so bad with pictures), but I just love the colour blue too much, and will probably wind up keeping them.

So there's the yarn that I've set aside for my parents. I don't think I need to mention who's getting which colourway. The purple stuff is some Lorna's laces that I got a long time ago. It looked very, very different when it was in a skein - half dark purple, half light purple and looked like it basically had no transitions. However, once wound, it looks much nicer. The grey/brown stuff is Koigu Kersti. Highly addictive.

I'm starting the pair for my dad first. I came up with some rather strange logic for that choice too. I figured that the closer it got to Christmas, the more pressured I'd feel, and thus the more knitting I would do. So, I'm starting with the project that I think I'll like better so I don't procrastinate in my knitting. Most people would say that I should leave the faster project for later, but I think this will keep me knitting constantly instead of in a huge rush at the end.

Okay...feel free to tell me I'm crazy.


Elaine said...

I like your colour choices. Sock knitting is great in the heavier gauges that you have there. Are they going to be plain and simple or jazzed up with a pattern?

Karen said...

The purple stuff is actually fingering weight, so that pair will probably have to be made on size 1 needles. But the Koigu is knitting up quite nicely :)

I think both pairs will be pretty plain. My dad likes things with no frills, and the colour for my mom is already going to be pretty crazy compared to what she already has (white sock, and black socks. haha!). Plus I know that she won't like lacy socks - she likes her feet totally covered. I'm contemplating putting some cables on them, but haven't made up my mind yet.

Elaine said...

Cool. One small cable up the side of the foot and leg would be nice too. Size 1 needles? Ahh!

Adrienne said...

Um....you're crazy? =P

I am knitting a single pair of socks for my sister, and that's IT for socks, I'm only good for one gift pair per year (although my mom is theoretically getting a sweater, which is even more insane -- except I'm not sure it will be finished for Christmas!). And you are even knitting man socks! I am very impressed by your dedication. =)