Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Almost FO

Okay. I'm pretty much done the socks for my dad. All I have to do now is to cast off. I haven't done it yet because I'm going to see one of my patient's tomorrow, and his wife wants to see what I meant by knitting two socks at the same time on a set of circular needles.

So there they are. I didn't do a very good job photographing them, and it looks kinda weird all squished up cuz of the ribbing. But I think they're pretty good on the whole. Hopefully they'll fit.

With Dad's socks pretty much done, it was time to start Mom's socks. Finished the toe of yet another set of toe-up socks, and realized that something I feared was starting to happen.

Yes, that is the start of striping. (Insert scream of despair here.) However, I'm continuing to knit the foot section and am finding the colour alternating just about every round. Unfortunately for me, the change isn't happening at the sides, but I guess that means I can put that part as the sole. I'm not sure if the end result of this will be just a jumble of purple, or actual stripes. And who knows if I'll be able to get the other sock to behave the same way. Ugh. I was hoping it wouldn't do the stripe thing.


Adrienne said...

Wow, you really made quick progress on those socks! They look very comfy and squishy, yet also appropriately manly. =)

Regarding your mom's socks, I thought that the yarn in the cake looked a lot like the "Amethyst Stripe" colourway (it always creeps me out a bit when I can actually name colourways, it probably means that I think about yarn far too much), if so then you may not be able to escape the striping (although all the LL striping colourways I've seen knit up don't really stripe neatly since the colour repeats are so short)....

Adrienne said...

You know, the word "stripe" looks really weird to me now. =)

Karen said...

Oh my gosh. You're right. It is Amethyst Stripe! I actually never looked at the name of it until now. I got it because it looked nice (haha). And you're totally right about how the colour repeats are short. It's not striping up neatly at all. I'm starting to worry that the second sock is going to look totally different, but I'll jump over that bridge when I get to it.