Thursday, March 13, 2008

Army Surplus Socks

The first socks of 2008! How very exciting. These were knit out of Apple Laine's Apple Pie sock yarn in the Army Surplus colourway. The yarn has wool, mohair, nylon and silk in it, and is very fun and squishy to knit with (me want more!). The yarn is greener than it looks in the photo (not so blue), my camera has issues with greens.

Apple Laine Army Surplus socks_01

Apple Laine Army Surplus socks_03

These socks took me two months to knit, starting from the first week in January. At this rate, it will take me approximately 4 years to knit through my sock yarn stash. Hm. Well, as long as we're being honest, half the yarn will probably never even make it to becoming socks since it's "too pretty" or "too discontinued" or "too not findable ever again (aka Koigu)" to be put onto stinky feet. I definitely suffer from not wanting to knit "from the Shrine of Precious Yarns" (as one discussion thread on Ravelry's "stash knit down 2008 group" puts it). The problem is, ALL of my yarn is precious!

Hm, that could be a whole other discussion, the whole hoarding-of-precious-yarns thing. To be continued.

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Karen said...

Lovely socks!! I was thinking that the looked a bit blue for Army Surplus :D I love the name of that yarn. Mmm....Apple Pie...

Hmm...Shrine of Precious Yarns. I think I only have one skein of cashmere that falls in that category right now. Everything else in my stash is up for use.