Monday, March 03, 2008

My first headscarf

I finally got around to finishing off the i-cord on my version of Quant, and here it is.
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden - 1 skein
Needles: Bamboo size 7

Except for the change in needle size, I followed the pattern exactly. The ending (green end) is a little weird, and I'm not sure what I think of it. You'll notice that it's not exactly a flat triangle. But, I figure that no one really sees that end anyway since it's tucked at the base of my head. The scarf itself feels kinda big. I measured my head, and it wasn't that different from the finished dimensions, but the ties don't really tie that well - it's like I have to tie part of the headscarf in too. I'm debating if I need to block this sucker. What do you all think?

So, I said I'd post a picture of what I looked like wearing it.
I admit I look a little dorky, but I don't think it's the headscarf's fault. I think that if my hair was a longer, the headscarf thing might be okay.

Just as a side note, I pretty much used up the entire skein of Silk Garden on this. At first, I was shocked because one skein is usually enough to make a hat, and here I was cutting it close with a headband. But, I realized the reason for this later - entrelac is a yarn-hogging technique because of all the picking up of stitches.


Adrienne said...

Yay Quant!
I think it's cute! I'm surprised by how large each entrelac square is relative to your (well, one's) head is, though. I love that "hm, I'm not so sure about this" expression on your face. =)

Yeah, I think headscarf sizing can be a little iffy sometimes. Too big and you get a huge bunch of stuff under your hair, too small and it doesn't provide adequate ear coverage. I don't know if you can block Silk Garden smaller, I feel like it relaxes and gets softer with blocking, which might have the opposite effect.

Karen said...

I was actually quite surprised as to the size of each square too. When I look at it laying flat, it doesn't look that big, but they look huge when I actually put it on my head. As for the expression, that was exactly what I was thinking at the time. Haha!

Hmm...yeah, I think you're right about blocking Silk Garden. It would probably be best if I just left well enough alone.

Adrienne said...

Another thing you might want to consider trying is felting it a little. I don't think Silk Garden felts that well, but I recall reading a thread on Ravelry regarding Silk Garden expansion in sweaters (probably in the Noro forums) and it seems like some folks have successfully shrunken their Silk Garden garments enough to fit. If you wear the headscarf and it keeps getting bigger, I guess that's one possibility to keep in mind, although of course I've never tried it. =)