Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No monkeys on my back

So, it seems that I have fallen prey to 'second sock syndrome'. It's not that I haven't started my second Monkey, because I have (only on the 3rd repeat of the lace pattern for the leg though, and definitely not worth taking a photo of), but I couldn't help falling victim to the cuteness of some of the patterns over at Mochimochi Land, and wound up buying a couple of them. I wound up getting the patterns for Stackable Cats, and Pepto and Tums.

Sad to say, I've already cast on for the small version of a stackable cat - the body, and 2 ears are finished. I just need to finish up the arms, legs and tail. All the little pieces seemed a bit odd to take a picture of, so I'll take a picture when it's all done. I'm a little scared of how much seaming is required, but I need practice anyway. And what better way to do it than to churn out lots of cute little kitties?

I seriously wanted to buy a lot more patterns (Tubby was just so cute!), and this has kinda gotten me on a toy making groove. It's going to take some discipline for me to get my sock and garment projects done now! Haha!


Adrienne said...

Stackable Cats = awesomest name for a pattern ever. And so cute, too!

I have been wanting to knit a Sheldon (from Knitty) forever, and there are a couple of people in one of the knitting groups I attend who are in the middle of doing just that. I should really take advantage of this mini knit-along, but I've been dragging my feet. Maybe I'll make one for the impending Hallowe'en baby?

Karen said...

Yeah, I think the whole impending shower of babies kinda started me on this toy kick. I've got 3 upcoming babies to knit for, and I still haven't decided just what I'm going to make yet.