Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pooling Colors Scarf

THANK YOU all for your very sweet comments regarding the Nothin' But A T Shirt! With your encouragement, I probably will wear it out in public eventually, after I get those last few pesky ends woven in. =)

I've finished the STR Pooling Colors scarf (the first time I typed "pooling" I left out the "l". Then I giggled. I am a 12 year old), it actually knit up incredibly quickly.

STR Pooling Colors Scarf_02

I should have thought more about what I was doing when I started the scarf, since one skein of Socks That Rock Lightweight (this is the Count Cluckula colourway) is ~360 yards and resulted in a scarf just over 5 feet long after blocking. Which is actually a perfectly fine length for a scarf, it's just that I like mine to be at least 6 feet. I've worn the scarf out a few times, and the too-short length still bothers me, which makes me suspect that I won't really wear it much, so it may end up being given away as a gift.

This yarn is incredibly springy, in contrast to the Schaefer Anne that I used for my first scarf, and the combination of the yarn + lace pattern probably wasn't a very good match in this case (the pattern just looks a little....weird). Which means that my quest for the second perfect skein of Anne continues. But it was still really cool that I was able to make the pooling work again.


Esoteric Knitter said...

It turned out pretty darn awesome! If you don't keep it, whomever your recipient is will be totally lucky.

Katy said...

you have a sister and a mom (and presumably aunts and cousins and such)... I vote on giving it as a gift. Its lovely, and would really stun the right recipient.

Karen said...

WAH! Your scarf looks awesome!! What a fantastic idea to try that pooling colours scarf again. I'm sure the lucky recipient will absolutely love it.

Marie said...

So, wait ... the yarn striped on its own? You didn't have to use intarsia? Oh, I'm smitten.

Adrienne said...

Thanks, everyone! =)

Captain said...

Twelve? I think you're six.