Sunday, May 25, 2008

Like a giant colour card

A couple of weeks ago, I needed something relatively mindless to take to knitgroup. I'm sort of tired of knitting socks for the time being, so I dug around and pulled this out.

Sophie's Toes Pastel_01

That's a Sophie's Toes Magic Ball that I bought from someone who was destashing on Ravelry. I'd admired this sock yarn from afar for a while because the colourways are incredibly pretty, but I've never actually bought any because a)I usually miss the updates, b)I can't decide which colourway to get, and c)I have way too much sock yarn and am trying to be good.

The Magic Ball is several different colourways put together for a total of ~15 different "blocks" of colour (there are a couple of repeats). It came with a pattern for a simple scarf, so I cast on and started a little basketweave pattern.

Sophie's Toes Magic Scarf_01

The knitting is indeed very mindless, and it's incredibly fun to see all the different colours emerge. I think a Magic Ball is a marvellous idea, because I get to play with several different gorgeous colourways (yay! pretty colours!) without having to actually knit an entire pair of socks out of each one.

And, just because, here's a photo of the "real" Sophie's toes. =)

Sophie 080302_04


Nell said...

Cool idea! Lots of colors in one ball, I love it!

Marie said...

I've never used a magic ball either. But, wow! It looks incredible.

Captain said...

So that's where the famous "Fuzzy Feet" pattern got its name.