Saturday, June 07, 2008

More cats! (and some help needed)

WARNING: This is a really long post. Sorry!

I completely forgot to mention that I had started another stackable cat! Well, here she is. Say hello to Fran.

Since there wasn't really any way I could name all the cats I'll ever make "Kitty", Jamie was kind enough to come up with names for me. And so, here is Fran with her little brother, Stan.

Since it's the middle of the night, taking a nice no-flash picture of Stan and Fran stacked on Hanatarou wasn't going to happen. But rest assured, it's coming.

And because cat butts are cute...

My thoughts on this project:
1) I like the medium sized cat because you can get more of a 'slouch' effect in the body. Or maybe I over-stuffed the small one.
2) I like the face I did on Fran better than Stan. However, I wasn't so great with Fran's arm placement, so I guess they're even.
3) I somehow need to figure out if I have enough yarn left over to make the large cat. Jamie wants to name that one Elan, but I'm not totally sold on that name.
4) Fran is more felted than Stan, and I think I like the effect.

And now for a total shift in which I ask all you wonderful people for help. I started the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket. I read the pattern out of "Knitting Workshop" a few times before starting, and admit that I didn't understand everything. However, I optimistically thought that I would be able to figure it out once I got there. Well, I'm there now, and I still don't yet it. I did the first set of decreases to get what I think are the called for "5 ridges". I now have 144 stitches. Now, the instructions say "At 5 ridges, INCREASE 9 sts (K3, M1) across end sections, believe it or not for fullness above CUFF." And then it says to do 22 decreases to get 90 sts.

After much consideration, this is how I have interpreted the instructions. The 22 that is mentioned is the total number of decreases, not the number of decreases after the increase row (5 ridges). On the increase row, I need to add 9 sts to EACH end, meaning a total of 18 sts (160-88+18=90; the math works, so that's how I decided that). Now, do the instructions mean that I should K3, M1 on one side until I've increased 9 times, and then subsequently do the same when I've got 27 stitches left, leading to 9 increases on each side? Or, do I (K3, M1) x 9 on one end, knit to the end, and on the return row, do (K3, M1) x 9 at the start of that row? The only reason why I came up with the latter scenario is cuz I just realized that you can't really end a row with an M1. Am I totally thinking about this the wrong way? HELP, PLEASE!


Nell said...

Cat butts are seriously cute!

Adrienne said...

Hello Fran and Stan! I think I like Stan better though, something to do with his proportions. Not that Fran isn't cute too. And both their butts are awesome.

How about Jann? Or Dan? Even though I think Dan is sort of a dumb name for a cat (sorry, if anyone out there has a cat named Dan!). =)

OK, regarding the BSJ. I'd have to take a serious look at the instructions in order to figure out the math, because I'm confused as to where the 160 number comes in. I'm reading 144+9+9=162, and I can't figure out how you get to 90 by doing 22 sets of whatever decreases. But clearly your math makes sense, so it must be.

Not having looked at the pattern at all, I suppose one could do two sets of increases at the beginning of two consecutive rows, there's nothing wrong with that. Or a kfb increase on the last stitch of a row would also work, because there's no yarn picking up involved there. And with garter stitch, a kfb probably wouldn't show up as much since it's all bumpy anyway.

I have a Flickr pal, Pink Knitter, who JUST started a BSJ. She has a spreadsheet that she found via Ravelry. She's just started her BSJ so I don't know how useful it is, but the link to her photo post is here:

Maybe you want to check that out?

Adrienne said...

Or, direct link to the spreadsheet itself:

Karen said...

Woohoo! Thanks Adrienne! Those links and spreadsheet were really helpful. It actually confirmed that I'm not totally off my rocker, which is a nice feeling :D (and the 160 is the number of stitches that you cast on at the start)

And the more I look at Fran and Stan, the more I think that they're both cutest when together.

Rebecca said...

Hey - are you good now? It sounds like you've got it. Just in case though, I've knit a few BSJs and am better at visual help. If you want to bring it to rehearsal, I can assist.

Fun fun fun!!!

Marie said...

The cats are adorable! Fran and Stan are excellent names for cats that are going to sit on top of each other.

There is no reason why you can't do an M1 at the end of the row. There are a million good ways to perform a M1. Try it as follows: On the last stitch of the row just knit (the one that you just K1 into), pick up the loop - you know, the stitch you knit two rows ago - underneath the last stitch with your left hand needle, Ktbl (Knit into the back of the stitch). Wait, let me find you a tutorial. Here you go: Look for the KRL.