Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I understand what the Harlot meant

Remember this post? Well, I sort of get it now. I haven't even finished one measly Tulip sweater yet, but I already want to buy more. And more and more and more, in a bunch of different colour combinations (I already have one other kit, but I want like 3 or 4. Or 5).

Tulip Cardigan body_01

This is the squishiest yarn ever! And so easy to work with! And look at the pretty colours! Yeah, I know that everyone else in the entire world has already knit with it, but I didn't realize just how great it was until I finally tried it for myself. Must. Buy. More.

This little cardigan isn't being knit for any baby in particular, in fact it's MINE and will stay MINE so I can pet it and look at all the pretty colours forever and ever. Oh, and humiliate my cat with it, too. I think she actually liked this one, though.

Sophie 080524_06


Nell said...

I hate to tell you this but... your cat looks pissed. ;)

Karen said...

Oh my gosh, what an amazingly cute little sweater! Isn't that yarn so fabulous?! I absolutely love it, and can't get enough. And the kit is great cuz you can play with different colours; makes it hard to get bored with it.

I'm also amazed that Sophie let you put her in a sweater! My kitties would never let me do that.

Adrienne said...

Nah, that's just her "look at me in my fabulous vest!" look. =)

Marie said...

I haven't knit this kit yet, but wow - it looks great! The colors are fantastic! I don't blame you for wanting to knit it again and again.