Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not exactly a natural talent

Look, my very first handspun (using a drop spindle)!

Jacob handspun_01

Isn't it incredibly ugly? Last week Katy was good enough to teach a bunch of us how to spin, and this is what resulted from my first efforts. I showed this ball to someone at WWKIP day last weekend, and their comment was "huh, that must've been a really ugly sheep!" Yeah, the roving is not exactly the most gorgeous thing ever (Jacob sheep, they are spotted!), but I will probably need a lot of practice before I get any good at this.

Jacob handspun_02

Next lesson is plying, I'm sure this yarn will then turn into an even bigger horror. =)

My second effort looks ever so slightly better, only because the roving comes in prettier colours.

Superwash merino handspun_01

And because I can't resist pissing the cat off....

Sophie 080616_05

Sophie 080616_10

She's really getting the hang of this "stay still for the yarn pose" thing. Even though she clearly hates it. =)


Katy said...

Yay for spinning and making yarn! Now we will get you shopping for wool and it will be great!

Karen said...

Awesome! You're getting into making handspun! Was it fun? One of these days, I'm gonna try it too. When I have time to get my butt down to Lettuce Knit for class of sorts, I hope.

And poor Sophie! She looks so disgruntled in the first photo. But she stays remarkably still for photos!

Marie said...

I'm so glad you started spinning. It is so much fun. I love to see the roving turn into yarn.
Your 1st handspun isn't supposed to look good. Mine wasn't great either. I think it's a requirement so a year later you can look back and be amazed at your progress.

Sherry said...

Your spinning looks good to me. Are you using a drop spindle? I've yet to try spinning ... one of these days.

I'm so glad I checked out your blog today. Somehow I missed via Flickr all of the beautiful photos of the best fiber model ever ... Sophie. I always tell my guys that they're going to have to get a job. Sophie could definitely get a modeling job ... she's a natural! I think she enjoys your photo shoots; otherwise, she'd get up and walk away.