Sunday, June 29, 2008


At the next spinning lesson, I took my first two ugly yarns and plied them together. See?

Jacob plied_01

Do two ugly yarns put together make an even uglier yarn? At least there were a few sections where cool barberpoling was happening.

Jacob plied_03

Jacob plied_04

Spinning with a spindle takes a long time. I hope I will have the patience to keep practicing, but I sort of fear that the instant-gratification monster will take over (but I want it to be perfect right now!) and I'll lose interest.

(I have a big backlog of stuff to post about. I hope I can get my act together and catch up soon!)


Nell said...

It's not ugly! It's...ummm... unique!

Karen said...

Cool barberpoling! Learning how to do this sure makes you appreciate the yarn we buy in stores, huh?

And I'm behind on posting stuff too! Must try to catch up before I leave for my trip!

Marie said...

I love the bright spots of color in the yarn.
Sooo, what are you going to make with it now? I think it could be a fun accent in a million things.

Adrienne said...

I'll say it's unique! NOBODY else in the world has this yarn! If they did it would probably get pitched into the trash. =)

I'm not going to even TRY knitting with it. It will just sit in skein form forever, maybe at the back of my closet? =P