Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting closer

Little by little, I'm getting closer to finishing up projects that I've had going. The first is another EZ Baby Surprise Jacket that I'm making from some friends of mine who are expecting. They've elected not to find out the baby's gender, so I tried to pick something relatively neutral.
This sweater turned out a lot more brown than I thought it would based on the yarn. I thought the light blue would be more obvious. In some ways, all that brown makes me feel like the sweater has a more "manly" feel to it, but I guess it's still pretty gender neutral. Just need to sew up the shoulders and put the buttons on. I wasn't in much of a finishing mood today, so I decided to just leave it for now.

Since I was in the mood to do some more brainless knitting, I decided to finish off one of those toe socks that have been on my needles forever now.
I am now exactly 50% done this project. Someday, I'll get off my butt and cast on the second sock. But today's not that day either. I made these with size 0 needles, and found those to be a huge pain in the rear. These will probably be the last pair of socks that I make on size 0's. That said, the small needles have produced a wonderfully cozy sock, but I'm just not sure they're worth the pain (quite literally too since my hands were starting to ache from those ridiculously small dpns).


Nell said...

You could make the BSJ more girly with the buttons you choose. I think it's perfectly gender neutral. Great job!

Karen said...

Thanks, Nell!

Actually, I bought a BSJ kit that came with buttons already, so I ended up using those. The more I look at it, the more I like the way the brown looks :)