Monday, November 24, 2008

Something a little different

I know this is supposed to be a knit blog, but I finished a fun little craft that I wanted to share. I made myself a purse organizer following the instructions here. It's a very easy and affordable little project, and costs much less than similar purse organizers that are on the market. For the fabric and interfacing, I paid about $7; I have enough interfacing left over to make another organizer too.


It folds up nicely, so I can put it into both small and large bags. Makes changing bags really easy now. If you're a rookie at sewing, I highly recommend this project as something to get you started.


Adrienne said...

Very cool! Is that a sewing machine I see in the corner there? I am sort of afraid of sewing machines. The last time I used one was in Grade 8 sewing class, I think I made a sad little stuffed frog. Although I'd really love to learn to sew. Then I could make quilts. And clothes. Oh, for clothes that actually FIT, how lovely that would be.

(although I imagine that making one's own clothes would take a lot of practice and frustration at first, much as knitting one's own sweaters has been. At least for me)

Esoteric Knitter said...

Super cute! Thanks for the link. I am such a sewing newbie. :) I'll definitely have to give it a go.

Karen said...

Yup, that is a sewing machine in the corner. I have yet to make any 'real' clothes for myself with it, but it's very useful for making costumes for various dance performances. I also made 2 quilts about 4 years ago, but haven't really made any since. That might have more to do with the fact that Dany swallowed a sewing needle during the quilt-making than anything else though.

It really depends on what you decide to make, and what sort of fabric you choose. There's lots of patterns and fabrics that are really easy and really forgiving. Funnily enough, in sewing, a lot depends on how well you cut everything out right at the beginning.