Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Resistance is futile

Did you all get the email about the Webs Silk Garden closeout sale a couple of weeks ago? Did anyone else buy any yarn? Because we (Karen and I) sure did. We didn't go entirely crazy like I'm sure some folks did (did you see how fast it disappeared?), but when I put in the order for 28 skeins I admit to feeling a teensy bit faint despite the fact that the yarn wasn't ALL for me (hey, I'm on a postdoc salary and can't afford to buy too much yarn at once, ok? =P).

I thought maybe the box would be enormous. Turns out, yarn is squishy. Here's the box with an 8-pound cat sitting on top:

Silk Garden box with Sophie_02

The box of yarn balanced on my head:

Silk Garden box on head_small

And the spoils. I won't say who bought which yarn, but that's 3 colourways of Silk Garden, #47, #226, and #247.

Silk Garden Closeouts Oct 2008_01

The yarn is even prettier in person (top to bottom, #47, #226, #247). I love love LOVE this yarn. If I were stuck on a desert island with only one kind of yarn to knit with, this just might be it.

Silk Garden Closeouts Oct 2008_02


Karen said...

Wow, that box really is smaller than I thought it would be. Sophie looks very comfy on it.
And now....
YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! Oh gosh, all that yarn is so pretty!!! I'm very excited about it!! The colours look really nice.

Nell said...

So pretty!!!!

Sherry said...

Oh it looks great! I hesitated on the Webs sale, then it was gone. But I did jump on the Loopy Ewe 20%off sale this weekend. I wil finally have enough Silk Garden to make Lady Eleanor!

Can't wait to see what you guys make.

Marie said...

I hope you let Sophie keep the box. She looked very happy on top of it.

Congrats on your spoils!