Sunday, September 18, 2005

One benefit of being single.... not having to be accountable to anybody else for one's spending habits (well, except maybe Visa). In an attempt to document the sometimes uncontrollable and often haphazard yarn acquisition, I made a little Excel spreadsheet to record just how much yarn I have. It doesn't look like all that much spread out over my yarn storage containers (and the floor =P), but right now I have over 80 skeins/balls. A lot of that is sock/fingering weight yarn. I know that isn't necessarily a ton compared to some people's stashes, but it's a lot for me considering the slow rate at which I knit. I don't even want to get into how much money that's all worth (though I did buy a lot of it on sale or off eBay, is that a good excuse? Oh wait, I'm single, I don't need to make excuses. So there).

It also doesn't help that I've been "forced" (haha) to buy more yarn for a sweater class I'm taking soon at Newbury Yarns. Voila, yummy Rowan Kid Classic in colour 846, a pretty navy colour, to make Edda from Rowan 36.

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I hope this class goes well, I've got a total mental block when it comes to sweaters now thanks to the 4 Ply Soft sweater fiasco. Although if it does go well and I get all sweater-happy, watch for the stash to increase again considerably. =)


Karen said...

Wow...that is some stash! I haven't done an inventory of my stuff for a while now. I don't even know how much I have. I know I got some stuff donated to me, and then there's stuff that I bought a long time ago that I've probably forgotten about.

I want to take a sweater-making class too! There's one in November at lettuce knit for making a top-down raglan sweater that I'm thinking of taking. Maybe I'll ask my mom if she wants to take it too.

Oooh....that yarn does look yummy. Nice colour choice! ^_^ You know how much I love blue!

Adrienne said...

The sad thing is, I still want more. I'm still planning all sorts of projects in my head, even though I have plenty of yarn for projects I haven't yet carried out. I think my favourite parts of this whole knitting thing are the planning and acquisition stages. =)

I definitely need a sweater class to give me a kick in the pants. I need to knit a swatch for the first class, and I'm totally putting that off.