Sunday, March 19, 2006

I lose at stash busting, you know how were were saying that we were gonna try a work on clearing our stash? Well, I took a trip to Lettuce Knit with my friend Elaine...and bought more stuff. I suck *hangs head in shame*.

I wound up buying one more skein of the Silk Garden for my multidirectional scarf. But I'm still going to frog the old one and start over. I'm going to knit it on size 11 needles to get a lacier look, and make it a touch narrower. Then make it really, really long because I'm discovering that that's how I like my scarves.

Here's the other stuff I got:
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I got this Koigu Kersti so I could make some wrist warmers. The yarn looked like too much fun to pass up.

Then I got this merino/silk blend. It was 50% off, so all 5 skeins were only $25. How could I say no?
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I'm thinking about making a cute little tank top with it.

So, instead of shrinking my stash, I just made it bigger. I lose, for sure!

Anyway...I'm off to start frogging! Ribbit!!


Adrienne said...

Holy cow, that's going to be one looong multidirectional scarf! But I'm with you, long scarves are more fun. =)

I love that Kersti! I always lust over Kersti, but can never really think of things to make with it that I would wear.

I have also been accumulating bits of stash lately, in spite of my supposed resolution to stop. I have just been too ashamed to document it so far. =P

Elaine said...

Yes...stash busting. I'm so good at it that after foolishly promising myself that I wouldn't spend a dime that day, I offered to accompany Karen to Lettuce Knit to help solve her Silk Garden dilemna. Heh. I, too, must hang my head in shame.

Now, I am sitting here in the lab, waiting on an experiment and knitting my first sock ever with the Koigu Kersti that I bought. I've had to frog the toe about three times to get the short row shaping stitches the way I want them to look, but I'm finally past that and am knitting happily away towards the heel now.