Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yarn swap anyone?

Well, I took a look at my stash for things that I haven't got already pegged for projects, or don't really feel inspired to use at the moment. You are welcome to anything there (except for the nosey kitty ^__^ )

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I should probably have taken a picture of stuff individually, but maybe providing a description for them might help.

The yellow and blue in the top row are Elisbeth Lavold (or however that's spelled) Cotton Patine. I only have two balls of each colour. The pink stuff is the mohair-y stuff that I used to make my kitty hat that I cut the hole into when moving the ear (remember that disaster?). I have a total of two balls of that too. The Noro there is Kureyon that I got to make those armwarmers for Miranda. I had to use a bit of it to finish the armwarmers, but the skein is mostly untouched. I like the bright colours, but I just can't think of a project to use it for. The ball of black is this novelty yarn that I got. What doesn't show well in the photo is the fact that it's got metallic silver glints woven into it. It's really thin stuff that I got on a whim, but never figured out what to do with it. I wound it, but now I can't remember how many yards there are in it. It's pretty thin stuff so the size of the ball is a bit deceiving. And lastly, that turquoise-y yarn is something that a nice lady from dance class gave to me. I originally thought to make a Clapotis out of it, but changed my mind. It was also a bit too thin a well (I think it's sport weight). I've got about 8-9 balls of that stuff. Any suggestions as to what I could do with it? It's not bad looking, and has these neat hints of pink in them, but I just don't know what to do with so many balls of it.

And there you go. If you would like clearer pictures of any of the stuff shown there, let me know. Or, if you have any ideas of what I could do with any of it, please feel free to voice them!


Adrienne said...

Hooray for stash! I think the only thing I'd really be interested in is the Kureyon, though. And maybe the Cotton Patine, but I wouldn't know what to do with 4 balls either. If you picked up a couple more balls, I'll bet you could make a striped summer tee/tank or something?

What colourway is the Kureyon? It's not 131, is it? I have 2 balls of 131 sitting in my stash that my mom gave me. =)

As for the novelty yarn/fuzzy stuff, I am pretty much anti both of those things since they're so hard to knit with (boucle yarns, too). Maybe you could make a kitty blanket/bed out of the fuzzy yarn?

Karen said...

Ha ha! That's so funny. It indeed is 131.

And yeah...the fuzzy pink stuff seemed like a good idea when I got it (which was early in my knitting days) but has since lost its appeal.

As for the cotton patine, maybe I could make a set of dishclothes with them or something. I thought about a striped tank when I first got them because they came with another two balls in this nice maroon colour. But, I went and used those two balls of maroon on a Branching Out scarf for Miranda when I went to visit her in Japan (doh!). I'll think about it some more.