Saturday, December 01, 2007

A little advice

I need some advice. I've finished the foot part of the socks for my mom. I didn't do anything fancy with this part because I know she hates odd bumps and what not on the foot part of her socks. Here's what it looks like so far.

Not too bad, despite the kinda random striping. I'm going to turn the heel tonight, but after that is what I need some advice on. I remember musing that I might put a cable or something on the side. However, now that I can see the way the colour knits up, I'm not totally sure if I should add that cable on the side or not. In my head, cables look kinda funny if it's not a solid colour, but maybe I'm just not experienced enough with cables (all the cables I've ever done just happen to have been on solid colours).

So, what do you think?? Help, please!!

Oh, and on another (rather random) note, here's a photo of how much yarn I had left over after finishing up my dad's socks.

Is it sad that I take great pleasure in knowing that I used up as much yarn as possible for a project?

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Adrienne said...

Hey, great job on having no leftovers from your dad's socks! I also think it's cool when things work out that way. =)

With respect to the cables, I don't think it would look too bad if they were little cables. When you think about it, the colour of one given row should stay the same regardless of whether the stitches are twisted around each other or not, so it'd be like you have stripey cables. On the other hand, with all the visual interest that the striping already provides, having additional cables may not add much to the effect and maybe wouldn't be worth the extra effort? Or maybe that's just my own laziness talking?

The socks look fab so far though, even with the uneven striping (which I guess was to be expected from the outset). =)