Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Half Finished!

The Modern Quilt Wrap is half-finished. Here are blocks 1-36, taken outside in the snow:

Modern Quilt Wrap Blocks 1-36

The colours are a bit weird probably because it was too bright outside and I don't know how to play with my camera settings very well (or to mess around with editing software -- I'm so lazy!).

The second half is exactly the same as the first. I must admit that the prospect of knitting the entire pattern again is a bit daunting because of all the colour changes and ends to be woven in, but I really want to wear this scarf this winter so I'd better get cracking!

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Karen said...

Wow! That looks amazing! It looks like so much work, but I'm sure it will all be worth it when random people stop you in the street and ask you where you got your stunning scarf. At which point you can smile proudly and announce that you made it yourself :D