Saturday, December 15, 2007

Musings on Ravelry

So I've had a Ravelry account for just about 2 months now....and I've done virtually nothing with it. Initially it would drive me crazy when someone would refer to something on Ravelry on their blogs and I would be unable to see just what they were talking about. It seemed like a cool idea to be able to type in a pattern name and see pages and pages of photos without having to troll through the results of a Google search. And then there was that whole aura of "hey, here's this cool club that you're not a part of yet!" So I put myself on the waiting list, and obsessively checked my spot in line every few days or so. I passed the time by uploading a bunch of old FO photos to Flickr in anticipation of massive project-updating activity.

And then my invite lands in my inbox during a relatively hectic time, and it just sits there for several days. I make several halfhearted efforts to come up with a username that wasn't stupid or already taken (adrienneknits was the final decision, which is terribly unoriginal but meh, whatever). I poke around in my "notebook" and make a stab at adding some projects. I add some books (I also have trouble remembering which books I have, as they are all in boxes at present). I wait for the crazy obsessive feeling that so many other knitters have experienced to take over me. seems like I just don't care that much. The thought of spending even MORE time updating this additional knitting-related database just makes me feel tired.

I know some people seem to have this inexhaustible energy for blogging, for reading and commenting on other people's blogs, for participating in this whole crazy knitting "community" that exists out in cyberspace, but it seems like I only have so much patience for it. I mean, I've gone months without knitting, and months without touching this blog. Knitting is fun, but I don't necessarily want to be doing it 24/7. Looking at and reading about everyone else's knitting is also enjoyable, but sometimes I'm just not that interested.

Anyway. I'm happy with this little blog that we've got going here (and which we've maintained more or less for a pretty long time!), and it's ok that we don't really advertise it or have a bevy of adoring readers. Sometimes I wish it were different, but most of the time I'm content with just doing what pleases us and not feeling pressure to be constantly producing beautiful knits to serve as blog fodder. And I guess it's also ok that my Ravelry account just sits there most of the time, I suppose it will come in handy someday, and maybe eventually I'll even feel like doing something with it. =)


Karen said...

You know, I just got my invite to Ravelry and signed up for the heck of it. But I have no Flickr account, have already uploaded all my photos to Picasa, and am debating how much effort I want to put into uploading the same photos over again.

I was wondering just what it was I was going to use it for, and I think I've decided that it's just going to be a place for me to go to if I need a little inspiration to get back to the needles, or maybe if I hit a particularly sticky patch of knitting that I don't know how to fix. This blog allows me to share with you the different projects that I've got going, and that's enough for me right now.

Adrienne said...

Hey, great that you finally got your invite! =)

It is definitely sort of a pain to upload all of your photos AGAIN to a different site. I must've spent hours uploading a bunch of my old photos (and not even all of them) from Photobucket to Flickr and then tagging them and organizing them, etc. I had originally signed up for a Flickr account to be able to share photos of Snoot (and later other things like Montana and Sophie), so the knitting thing was sort of an afterthought.