Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Socks for Greg

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So, I've started the socks for Greg, and while they're progressing, I'm finding that I'm getting sick of knitting socks now. I mean, this would be my third consecutive pair! I'm thinking of telling my bro "Sorry, but I just wasn't able to finish your socks in time." I think I just need something different for now. I'm really not feeling motivated to finish these. And besides, I think they might be a little too big for his foot. I'll have him try them on when I see him. I might actually have to frog the whole thing anyway.


Adrienne said...

Yeah, I know what you mean about the sock fatigue (or scarf fatigue, or whatever). They look very fun so far, though! I'm sure Greg won't mind if his socks are a bit late....there's still plenty of winter left. =)

Diane said...

I originally was laughing so hard over the Princess Lia shoots, that I thought - Oh look, finally someone brave enough to knit a bikini. Just wasn't sure for a second why you were calling it 'socks'. Old Age sucks!!

Happy new year.