Tuesday, February 12, 2008


By the time I read the comment from knitted gems, I'd already finished off the dishcloth. In retrospect, Marie, you are totally right. I could've just bound off the last triangle and let it wobble. But here's what I ended up doing:
I guess it worked out okay in the end.

esoteric knitter, don't be intimidated by entrelac! It's really not bad at all. If you can do short rows, you can do this too! To everyone out there that's not sure about entrelac, I highly, highly recommend that dishcloth pattern. It's very low pressure - any mistakes get hidden really easily, it's a small item, and even if you wind up with holes in it, it'll still serve as a perfectly good dishcloth! If you give it a try, let me know how it goes!


Adrienne said...

Looks good! I am far too anal about things to have left a wobbly corner, so I would have just finished it off with a different colour too. =)

Knitted Gems said...

The entrelac really does look great in your dishcloth. I've always liked the look. Thanks for your encouragement to give it a try. I just might.

Karen said...

=D Thanks for the lovely comments!

Yes! Everyone, let's all dive into entrelac! (yes yes, a really, really bad joke. I know)