Sunday, February 17, 2008


Doesn't Sophie look like she wants to kick my ass here? Poor kitty, being tortured with the yarn all the time.

Colinette Ab Fab Antique Rows 1-44

Knitting this Colinette Ab Fab throw is also torture, in its own way. Lots of mohair, lots of p2tog, lots of purling back across rows, lots of switching yarns. Each row takes forever, even though this is being knit on ginormous needles. It's pretty, though. I figured I should try to make as much progress on this as possible before the weather starts getting warmer (which probably means I should have a good 3 months).

Heh, I'm complaining a lot about my knitting these days, aren't I? Or maybe it's just the mohair. =)


Sherry said...

It's beautiful. I noticed that you have it labeled as a gift. Who are you planning to give it to? That is one special present.

Don't let Sophie fool you. She's loving all of the exposure.

Too bad the knitting on the throw isn't more fun, but your efforts toward the finished beauty are so worthwhile.

Adrienne said...

It's for my mom. I've had this idea to knit her an Ab Fab throw for a few years, but never knew which colourway to get. Then we went to Patternworks this past summer, and they had a sample knit up in this greeny colourway, and she immediately picked it up and started talking about how much she liked it. Perfect!

They didn't have the green colourway she liked (we actually couldn't figure out which one it was based on the pictures, even), but she picked this one out, paid for it (yay!), and now I just need to crank it out. =)

Karen said...

Actually, Sophie has more of the "Oh no! You caught me!" Look to her. :D That's such a cute photo.

The throw looks amazing, but I do sympathize with you about how painful it seems to be. Mohair is just no fun to work with, in my opinion. It'll truly be a labour of love!