Saturday, April 26, 2008

Will she wear it?

Guess what? I finished (more or less, I still have a few ends left to weave in) my Nothin' But A T Shirt!

Nothin' But A T Shirt done_04_edit

It looks like it fits, doesn't it (sorry about the pyjama pants)? Sort of? Well, at least it does in this posed photo which doesn't involve my moving around at all. The yarn is very soft and is fantastic for next-to-the-skin wear (mmm Calmer), but it is also rather unforgiving of any lumps and bumps or tummy poochiness (and bra outlines, it appears!). I think I'd look just fine in this first thing in the morning or immediately after Pilates, but I don't know about the end of the day after I've had my 3 meals. =)

For the most part I'm relatively happy with the finishing, with the exception of the front neckline. The pattern involved binding off the stitches in the main colour, and then picking up stitches in the contrast color to knit the hem. The first time I did it I used the same size needles as I did for the rest of the sweater (5 mm, US8), and it turned out flare-y and funny-looking. So I ripped it out and redid it on 4 mm (US6) needles.

Nothin' But A T Shirt neckline

It looked much better, but as you can see the neckline is not 100% smooth. I had to go back and do a lot of duplicate stitching to get it to this stage, and it's still not perfect. I wouldn't really mind so much except that this area is directly under my face and therefore rather obvious. Little irregularities under the arms wouldn't bother me nearly as much.

So, will I be wearing this in public? I'm not sure yet. It needs another light blocking to get rid of any finishing irregularities, and then I'll try it on again. It's funny, I have plenty of store-bought sweaters that, while possessing very even stitching, don't always fit in the most perfect and flattering of ways (if only!), but for a handknit I feel like the "standards" are higher. Even though we all know that just because we supposedly made something to fit our measurements doesn't mean it always turns out that way.


Esoteric Knitter said...

It looks great! You should definitely flaunt your skills, so wear it. :)

bindifry said...

i would wear it & i got ponch. i have been wanting to knit a tshirt for some time, maybe i can talk to you if you end up at the knit on thursday.
it's very pretty!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

No one will notice the picked up stitches. It's super cute on you - definately wear it. Maybe if you are self conscious about the neckline a cute neck scarf would set it off and hide that little uneven bit.

Captain said...

I hit the back button twice and my missing comment was still in the box comment box! So here is what I tried to post last night:

It's darling, and cute on you! I've wanted to knit that pattern for years. You did a lovely job, and the top is certainly worthy of being worn out and about, even if a couple stitches near the neckline are only 99.8% perfect. Learning to knit is a process, right? Even the Yarn Harlot's work still isn't perfect. I would be thrilled if I completed a top for myself that looked as professional as this one!

If you blocked the bust and the waist-to-hip area a half inch wider and/or wore a camisole under the top, I think any minor fit/smoothness issues would be minimized.

i really hope to see you at the Uptown group this afternoon -- if you are coming, please let me know!

Scritches to Miss Sophia.

Captain said...

Oh, yeah. I sure love that box comment box, I boxy, boxy do!

Liz419 said...

It looks super cute on you and I think you are being too tough on yourself to worry about how it might look after a meal or the neckline. You have a great figure and this shows that.

Adrienne said...

Aww, thank you all for the sweet comments and encouragement! Maybe I WILL get up the courage to wear it out in public someday. After I get those last few ends woven in. =)

Karen said...

Yay!! I think the sweater looks fantastic, and you should totally wear it. After reading some of the stuff that you and I write, I've come to the conclusion that you and I both need to get over some of our self-consciousness about our figures. The sweater will look fine on you even after 3 bowls of ice cream and a meal, so don't sweat it ^__^

Marie said...

I think it looks great on you! It even matches your jammies. By all means, wear it! And wear it proudly!

Adrienne said...

Haha, should we change our names to big-as-a-house-Karen and Adrienne-of-the-potbelly? =P

Andi said...

I think it looks nice! I have a feeling you are being self conscious, but it makes me wonder if I should think twice about making a tank out of Calmer.