Sunday, April 06, 2008

Best knitty pal EVER!

About a week ago Karen emailed me to ask if she could ship a package to me. She was ordering a little something from Webs, and said that she saw something else that she wanted to send along to me, so could I receive her package for her, take out the surprise, and forward her stuff along to her? Well, when put like that, how could I ever refuse? =P

I was expecting something like a cute set of notions or a funny tape measure or a pretty skein of yarn, so I was COMPLETELY surprised to pull THIS out of the box:

Ball winder

Holy crap, a ball winder!

I have a swift, but have been meaning to get a ball winder for a long time. It's not that I necessarily mind winding all those balls by hand, but it's the rolling around and onto the floor part that gets irritating sometimes. Whenever I've knit from a yarn cake, I always marvel at how it just stays put and doesn't move. So well-behaved!

I immediately set it up and wound some yarn. These are most of the balls from my half-finished Ab Fab Throw (there are two more balls of mohair that I just didn't want to deal with). It took about 5 minutes. Wow, that was fast.

Colinette cakes

And look, yarn cakes are much easier to balance on kitty heads!

Sophie 080405_02

So now I will be tempted to do nothing but wind cakes of yarn, instead of "useful" things like laundry or my taxes (procrastinating much?). I can't believe I went all this time without one of these devices. Thank you so much Karen! You are the very best most super-awesomest of friends. =)


Katy said...

yay for yarn-on-cat pictures! She might kill you in your sleep, but until then, keep them coming!

Nell said...

Score! That was seriously the best thing I ever bought (aka stole from my parent's house).

Karen said...

You're very welcome! I just couldn't have you wasting more precious knitting time winding yarn by hand. And it's oddly therapeutic, isn't it? =D

I'm glad you like it, and hope you get lots of good use out of it!

Marie said...

Ball winders are wonderful. My MIL gifted hers to me. I was SO grateful. It makes winding balls super quick and eliminates the need to stuff your yarn in a basket so it doesn't roll all over the floor. Have fun with your new toy! But, you shouldn't annoy the cat so much. =)

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog said...

I .need. a ball winder to make balls of yarn and hats for Mr Puffy! Very cute picture :)